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We at Dead Serious Bros have ONE goal, and that is to make games that are ENJOYABLE! Thank you for visiting our website, playing our games, donating, or sending us feedback, we TRULY appreaciate ANY and ALL support!  -  Dead Serious Bros

8/29/2018 - Updated all of our social media pages, created a page on, updated our website to have a new look and feel, updated all the information on the website, worked on Infected Pixelz as well today!


Current Work Log:



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8/31/2018 - Worked on Infected Pixelz today! Touched up day and night system, working on enemy AI spawning, added a video of features/mechanics for Infected Pixelz to Twitter Youtube, and website, be sure to check it out!

9/1/2018 - Added a video showing the progress on the RPG game that we are currently developing to the current projects tab here on the website!

9/5/2018 - Added a video on twitter showing the progress on Infected Pixelz zombie spawning system, had 500 AI zombies down with around 50-60 FPS! Made other minor touch-ups too.

9/7/2018 - Worked on the tutorial and some possible soundtracks for Infected Pixelz today!

9/8/2018 - Worked more on the tutorial today for Infected Pixelz and made a lot of progress, almost complete already! Uploaded two videos for twiiter, showcasing the day and night system time lapse, and the melee weapons and armor that we have created for Infected Pixelz so far!